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To Whom It May Concern; My name is Peter William Speight, I am writing you this letter because I am very upset of how Door Dash has been treating me. Ever since I started working for Door Dash all I have been doing is following your policy.

As I have stated in my appeals if I had a problem with a delivery, I would notify the customer and door dash support team. My account has been deactivated because you are stating that a customer has said that they never received their order which is verry untrue. I remember exactly what happen that day, when I enter the customers place of residency the only information, I had was their apartment number and not their building number, so I contacted them by phone it took about three calls to reach them, when they finally answered the phone, I had to asked them for the exact building number so they gave it to me and stayed on the phone with me up till the time I arrived to them, when I approached them with my vehicle they didnt even give a chance to get out so I handed them their food from my driver's side window. I would also like to mention, that I am of the top dasher as I was told.

I even went out of my way on one of my orders that when I arrived somehow the restaurant was closed at 11:30 p.m. and it was supposed to be still open so, I immediately notified the customer and door dash support team about the store being closed , I had spoken the manager whom was still there with some of his staff and explained to him that I had just got the order he was aware of the customer's order so he went in the kitchen and fixed the customers food , as he was doing that I called the customer to let her know that she would be able to get her food she was very happy so I sat there waiting for the order as I was waiting for the order I also contacted the support team to update them as well the team member whom I was on the phone with while waiting even told me that I was the only dasher to ever do that and I was definitely door dashes top dashers. I joined door dash so that I can support myself and my family I even decided to make it a fulltime job. I would also, like for you to look at your tracking device as well look at my ratings.

I am very anxious to get back to work as a dasher. Because of being deactivated I will not even be able to pay my bills especially my rent this week. How can your company just sit there and accuse someone of doing something wrong when you are tracking their every move from the time, they accept the order to picking it up and delivering it? I would also would like to know why hasnt someone from the investigation contacted me already.

I keep getting told that it would be in 24 to 48 hours and yet no response. With all due respect, it shouldnt take this long for you to see that I am innocent. Sometimes I WONDER IF I SHOULD JUST TAKE THIS CASE NATIONALLY SO THAT I CAN PROVE MY INNOCENCE. I know that I am not the only dasher that this is happening to.

We are in a period where the customers are going to do or say whatever needs to be done in order to get their money back and get things for free especially this generation of young people. I am trying so hard to be very patient and wait but it is getting to the point where this situation is making me very mad that someone is going to just sit there and lie on someone they dont even know and cause them to lose their job. And it also hurts that your company is allowing that especially when you know that I been doing everything right by your policy.

I would gladly appreciate if you can take this matter into full consideration and allow me to get back to dashing so that I may continue to support myself and my family.

Thank You,


Mr. Peter William Speight

Preferred solution: I would like an apology and for my job back as a dasher ..

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