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So inwas out of town, and i ordered my wife some dinner off of door dash. Well when i put the address in it came up 183 hwy iviring texas...

but the address was wrong so on delivery instructions i put the right address. Well Paul Kenny sent me these text messages...i then called him. He immediately started screaming about i gave him the wrong address. I told him to relax.

He says hes relaxed hes speaking english, and was very nasty. By the text u can see just how nasty he was.

Its not the restaurant's fault but i feel like i should be compensated. Im will never order from door dash again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Doordash won't let the driver swipe delivered unless they are at the location actually listed as delivery location. Not being ugly, but you really should fix it in your order address.

Trust me, the Dasher isn't making much on that order, and the time it takes them on the line with customer service to clear out a delivery to an address other than where the order tells them (not in the notes) affects their ability to accept another order until it's cleared as delivered.

These people are out here making average between $3 and $6 for most orders. So they try to get as many orders in as possible, to make it even worth doing the job.