A driver dropped some food off at my house. My wife was out of town, so I called to see if she had ordered something for our children and me.

She replied no, so I put it in my microwave in case the driver came back. He did and asked why I took the food because it wasn't for me and that he was given the wrong address. I told him about my call to my wife, and informed him it was in the microwave and I would get it. He then started threatening me.

Mind you, I am disabled and had children in my house. I went to get the food and he entered my house uninvited. I asked him to leave and he said no. I told him get the *** out of my house and I would get him the food.

After giving him the food back, he call me a sorry s.o.b. and a one eyed freak. Found out later his name was kyle J. He delivered from dairy queen in Celina, Ohio 45822.

I made multiple calls to file a complaint, and was told by a few representatives, that since I'm not an actual customer, there's nothing they could do. I would like an investigation into this individual and him be reprimanded for this incident. I will never use you guys because of this incident either and have also let others know about the incident.

They're not happy and neither is my lawyer. Have a good day or night or whatever.

User's recommendation: DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Their drivers are disrespectful and their representatives don't do *** about wrongdoings.

Location: Lima, Ohio

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