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I ordered food from Applebees and waited over two hours for food. I then received a call that my food had been delivered to another home.

I called Applebees to complain and then they told me to call door dash. When I did get a customer support agent they were rude and I got hung up on three times because it was door dash fault. I was calling because I didnt want a refund I still wanted my food but I just wanted my tip back. I didnt want to tip the dasher who was negligent but no one wanted to resolve my issue.

I then was put on with a manager and he refused to give his first and last name and refused to give me contact information for corporate to complain about the fools thats the face of their company. I was treated very bad and it was beyond me because I use door dash all the time and tip very well.

I am so pissed that I will no longer be using door dash and have encouraged my friends, family, and place of business to use another delivery method for their food and they have agreed to pass it on to their family and friends. Hopefully someone from corporate will see this and weed out the ignorant employees and bad apples.

User's recommendation: Please use another delivery method because customer support hangs up on customers.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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