Was at a local sushi place picking up my order and a door dash driver who wasnt wearing a mask, (I was) came to the door at which time I told him there was a line and the next spot was behind me. I also asked him to wear his mask.

He asked why I was outside the restaurant and told him that there was already a customer inside and I was keeping social distance of 6 feet. He smirked and said I was one of those crazy COVID people and said it is only the flu and proceeded to get in front of me to enter the restaurant. I again told him there was a line and he said he was there to pick up a door dash order. I said I was also there to

pick up an order and reminded him I was there before him.

He said I was crazy and it only affects 1% of people. It is infuriating to hear such drivel from such an accomplished biologist as your driver. It is appalling to have such an obnoxious, irresponsible, grandiose individual representing your company. Btw, I am an RN very familiar with the care and treatment of COVID + patients and their families.

I expect this is not the first complaint received about this employee. I would not want him representing a company of mine.

User's recommendation: Pick up your own food.

Location: Ridge, New York

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