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Doordash will not only deliver you a cold meal, they will also use your credit card at other places! Three days after I ordered from Doordash, I had a $435 charge at a Walmart in California.

I live in Colorado! I didn't make the connection until I tried to order from them again. The restaurant I ordered from never received the order. I had called them to confirm an item.

They said they never work with this Doordash. Doordash has no contact number on their website or app. site. They called me to get a new Credit Card #.

The number that called was located in California. DO NOT order/use this delivery company!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Thats how they operate, using deceit and lies. They always claim the 'deliver did not occur due to an issue at the restaurant.

Whether they claim it was a power outage, and emergency that forced them to close or any other number of excuses they use, you can rest assured its all B.S. and lies. Period.

This is a very deceitful company. Good luck with your refund and getting your other unauthorized charges back..And by the way, you were actually lucky to get the california call center.

The 2 others which handle 90% of calls are in Guatemala City Central America and Belfast Ireland (that should be a HUGE red flag to anybody). They do not make money by delivering food. They make money by using deceit and lies. They screw their customers, their drivers and the restaurants, and hope people 'will just give up and not waste the time', after being put thru numerous hoops.

Sadly, that is what most do..They finally just give up. And then Door Dash wins.