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Incompetent schedulers force drivers to take three deliveries at once. You might pick up an order and be ready to deliver when they ping you with 2 more pickups and deliveries, now food is cold and customers mad.

Little Caesar’s in Huntersville is incompetent and can’t work system lising orders ir creating duplicates. 45 minutes later they have made the other food pickips very late. Drivers can’t just say no without being oenalized and app doesn’t permit driver to go to next step until after swiping picked up all orders. Customers then blame driver for everyone else’s screw ups.

Black customers are hateful rating white drivers a 1 star despite excelllent service. Your name and address was forwarded to other drivers, trust me. We know who you are and got the last laugh.

An eye for an eye. What you did to me will be done to you.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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