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I had moved into a new place. My vehicle was out of service and I have three small children.

We had nothing in the house at the moment so I ordered door dash. Not only did I wait two hours to receive a notice that my food was not going to be delivered but it happened again the next morning and I had to speak with two representatives to get a dasher to deliver our order. Which by the time it was here it was cold. I try not to complain but there have been several times my foods bag has been torn or it looked like a driver picked out of something.

Customer service just gave me an answer instead of saying there was no dasher out in the area. The second representative really took the time to help. We have relied on door dash a lot due to sickness etc but lately I am furious with the dashers and the lack of communication.

I have spent thousands using this service. I shouldnt miss dinner or have cold or tampered with food.

User's recommendation: At the current moment, I am not in a place to say anything nice.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DoorDash Pros: Easy site.

DoorDash Cons: Pissed off customer, Order errors without notification, Smoking in their car with my food, Rude emails and late food.

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