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Today’s incident was a typical example.Order placed - 1:30pmExpected delivery - 2pmNo food received until 3pm despite 4 contacts with customer service. Offered 18$ credit if I chose to wait more.

I did. This credit then disappeared. They have now provided 5$ of compensation. It’s 4:45pm and there is no food.

7 dashers were allocated to this little order at different times. Someone just took off with my order I guess.

Stay away from these crooks. The app and the customer service is useless and bordering on fraud as far as I can tell from my experience.

Original review posted by user Jul 22, 2020

Not sure how they are still in business. I dont think that in over 50-60 orders over the past year - a single one was without a problem. Dashers disappear with the food, missing items in the order that do not get refunded. Missing entire orders!!! Then they pass off the refund as if they are doing you a favor. This stuff would get them banned in Europe - somehow they continue to exist here in the US. Mind boggling. Customer service is non existent.

I will be deleting the app today.

Today’s incident was a chipotle order that was ordered at 1:30pm. Should have been delivered in 15 mins as I love almost in the same post code. 2:30pm and still no sign. 6-7 different dashers are being shown associated with my order. Customer service contacted 4 times. It’s 16:41 now. No food. And 5$ compensation given. 5$.

The app mentioned there will be a credit applied for $18 something (see screenshot) and then it disappeared. These guys are crooks.

User's recommendation: Stay away. Go hungry if needed but do not use DoorDash.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DOORDASH Cons: Not giving a full refund, Customer services way of handling an issue, Kit sent to old wrong address, Drove away from restaurant after accepting order.

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