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Door dash is ridiculous. First, why can't you split the payments on credit cards without being charged a delivery fee for each card?

Next, our food was delivered by a nice enough lady, but I'm pretty sure she was homeless. We work in a hospital, and she literally looked like one of our patients. Her clothes were visibly dirty, her lack of oral care was disturbing, and she felt compelled to tell us about the staph infection that lead to the removal of the first knuckle on her finger. Oh, and I almost forgot about the large lump on her arm that she had us examine.

It wasn't painful for her, but her Mom thinks it needs to be removed because it looks "dark", but she's not concerned because she thinks it's "just dirt". Um...this is who delivered our food, and I'm suspicious that she might have ridden the bus to pick up and drop off our food. All that, and our order was wrong. We ordered veggie everything, but all of our food contained mass amounts of chicken.

We re-ordered and the second delivery was fine, but by that time it was almost 2:00 and we were starving nurses. And of course, our staph-infected, dirty arm lump friend delivered the food again....

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

DOORDASH Pros: Food.

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