My first time using Door Dash and was a bit hesitant...(always trust your gut) so I ordered a pizza from Pizza My Heart..I have heard great reviews but have never embarked so I did through Door Dash and everything was great until the delivery...pic....open the door ..nope nooooooo pizza for me!!!!!! Look at the pic..a green door...hmmm, well hope they really enjoyed MY pizza!

I don't have a green door. I contacted "help" through CHAT and Anne Cherry was my rep...she told me the business was closing..it was 8:50 (originally ordered at 8:00 pm) so she couldn't reorder, which is what I wanted since I was starving at this point. She said she couldn't ask the driver to go back and get my pizza and bring it to me. She really wasn't helpful or empathetic at all.

Finally I called the contact number and spoke to a very helpful specialist. Just really scared to try again :(.

Location: Goleta, California

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