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Make sure the restaurants listed on their web site actually work with Doordash before you order and leave your credit card. I ordered 10 sandwiches for a very busy Saturday at the shop on Friday night in Phoenix. The next day I found out I had to change one sandwich to Vegan. I would have been waiting a long time for Hob Nobs sandwiches. Hob Nobs informed me they don't work with Doordash and never received the order. They never have! Doordash... Read more

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I read 200 reviews tonight and feel compelled to respond from a driver's point of view. I have almost 800 deliveries under my belt. While I understand the frustration of poor customer service, non-deliveries, cold food, and wrong orders, I fortunately have always delivered complete (and correct) orders within the time promised. That being said, I have received orders from DoorDash an hour or two late (per the time displayed on my app), and... Read more

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I have ordered over 30 times from DoorDash and that's due to my laziness. However , out of my 30 plus orders i can only recall a handful (no more than 5) order that came out correct. Each time I've notified DoorDash they have given me Door Dash credits. However I've notice new fees *Service fee* and *delivery fees* actually add up to more than $10. I stopped putting the tips on my card as my orders never came out correct even when the tip was... Read more

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This company illegal advertises one product, then after charging you for that product calls you to tell you it's no longer available. I just had this happen to me, and it's not the first time. I waited two hours, and by the time they told me, I wouldn't have any choice but to accept. This place treats people like ***, they charge a fortune for a delivery. It's a horrible company with no moral code, no character, no value. I would be so... Read more

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We ordered food and waited longer than the estimated wait. Doordash indicated food was being prepared but was never out for delivery - and then the restaurants closing hour popped up, and shortly thereafter the delivery person called to say the place had been closed for a private party. Sad sorries from Doordash and a refund and a $4.99 credit. For a lost night? Any of the other services would've refunded us and also credited us for the full... Read more

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  • Sep 19, 2016
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I have used Door Dash twice in the past three days. One order was never delivered and after three hours I was told they didn't have enough Dashers and the other was incomplete and one of us went hungry. I've spent $1k on Postmates this past month for team food. I was hoping to use Door Dash as an alternative- never again.

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For the third time I've had a meal not delivered due to lack of competence. Drive shows up to the restaurant 3 minutes before it's supposed to be delivered to me and it's closed. You had an hour to get their and place an order before they closed then proceeded to blame it on no where to park when there is a parking garage right next to the restaurant. Then I have to get on chat and wait 10 minutes for someone to respond to me which I get a call... Read more

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Out of the 4 or 5 times that I've used DoorDash, I've only had my order show up once. All the other times, there's always been an issue: * Dasher keeps changing -- no communication sent out and no updates to the "Track your order live!" page * Restaurant was closed, but DoorDash allowed me to complete placing the order anyway * ETA is entirely inaccurate. If they are doing any sort of "live tracking" never update, even when your dasher has been... Read more

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I'm too exhausted from already detailing my poor experiences with the unprofessional "customer service" reps at DoorDash to go into too much detail here. Basically, I had order missing items multiples times (four separate times, at least). It usually takes over an hour for my deliveries so waiting over an hour to receive items missing that I already paid for and then having to relay all of this to unprofessional customer service reps makes... Read more

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  • Jun 30, 2016
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It has been 18 days and no refund, no response to my email that I sent after 10 business days, and i was told by a customer service rep a week ago that it would be taken care of. No more Door dash for me and as for my coworkers that ive brought along, they will be leaving as well. This is ridiculous.

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