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This company is staying afloat by robbing people. I asked to cancel my door dash account FOUR TIMES by email.

Finally they assured me I would be refunded for 6 months of unwarranted charges. Only to realize.. the refund never came. What did come was 4 MORE MONTHS of 9.99$ charges to my account.

Is this some sort of sick joke? They are literally stealing from people who aren't paying attention to their charges. That is exactly what they are doing. Now, I'm supposed to get a refund for the last 9 months of their charges.

Let's see if this happens. If not, I'm having the charges reversed by my bank and blocking their accounts. Disgusting. And do not think because you cant find any evidence of a Dash pass or whatever they want to call their scam on your account it isn't there.

They make it impossible to see so you cannot cancel. Wow. I'm actually appalled by this business.

I hate Uber Eats too but at least they're honest. Do not give Doordash business.

User's recommendation: Stay away.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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My daughter worked for door dash for a good month. She was a dedicated Dasher and earn $811.00, for the week.

She check her account on Sunday night the monies was there. So, my daughter check her account on Monday morning to withdraw the monies to pay bills and the money was gone. She called Door Dash and they told her the money was transfer to another account name green dot and the cash is gone. Door dash told her their is nothing they can do money is gone.

Door Dash told my daughter that their accounts been scam and 100,000 of their accounts as been compromise. They will not refund my daughter she did the work used her gas and time, they will not refund her money. So, she worked for free that week for Door Dash and door dash got there money, not my daughter. Be careful with this company .

Inside job stealing money from workers and clients. What can we do! This is wire fraud. I believe Door Dash is the one stealing the money.

Who owns Door Dash?

Do the owner live in the United States. We need the FBI on this situation.


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