Ordered from Burger King website that has a promotion for free delivery. Normally I would just go pick it up myself but who doesn't enjoy free delivery.

On the online GPS, it showed the driver picked up the food, but then took a detour to a different neighborhood. It showed he had stopped at in a cul-de-sac for at least 10 mins, then continued towards my place. I was watching out the window to see when he arrived, but he never did. He got close enough for the app to say 'Your dasher is arriving at your door', then left.

I presume he turned off the app because it stopped tracking him after that. Tried calling the number multiple times with no response. Called DoorDash, and they couldn't get a hold of the dasher either.

Eventually they gave me credit for the full amount (probably will not use it) and I called Burger King and they remade my order. Needless to say, I went to pick it up this time.

User's recommendation: If there is free deliver from third party and its doordash, stay away.

Location: Columbia, Maryland

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