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I am a driver, I took an order. Arrived 3 min early.

On arrival the store told me 8 more min, so I waited. After 8 min, they said a few more. Eventually 20 min went by. I called DD and informed them and the customer what was happening.

Yet no one would compensate ME as the lowly driver for my time. DD made my on time statistic go down even though its not my fault. I took the hit instead of the restaurant which is wrong. And door Dash doesnt give a *** about his drivers.

They are not holding the restaurant accountable for delaying me, and basically told me I shouldve canceled the delivery in which case I would have taken a ding for not completing the order. The system is set up to screw the driver, not help the customer, I am at the restaurant do whatever they want to do with no recourse to bad business practices particularly when theyre harming DoorDash drivers.

User's recommendation: Do not drive for this company if you need support or want fair practices.

Monetary Loss: $13.

Preferred solution: Pay for my time.

DOORDASH Pros: Never leave home, Great software, Strong driver network.

DOORDASH Cons: Poor driver support, Low pay.

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