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Several times we have had the misfortune of experiencing subpar quality of food, incorrect order, and /or charged for extra items but were not added as requested. I blame the restaurants.

Each Dasher (driver) has been very polite and professional, and do what they can to resolve issues. I would like to add that the Dashers should have the opportunity to receive accolades for their efforts and good attitudes.

User's recommendation: Hold restaurants accountable.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DOORDASH Pros: That my food arrived on time, Fast delivery, Dashers are better than the food.

DOORDASH Cons: Poor quality of food.

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Thank you! I am a Door Dash driver, and alot of the time we are treated horribly by the managers of food establishments, we call door dash support for issues and they ignore us or even hang up and leave us wondering what to do.

Buffalo Wold Wings was caught stealing our tip money, they allow abusive customers who don't tip or yell at us for food not made properly, when we just deliver-we don't prepare your orders.

I want my customers to be happy and satisfied with my deliveries-but door dash does everything possible to ruin that. Alot of the blame falls on the food companies and they abuse the drivers.Underpaid, overworked and stolen from.


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