I brought food for my child and myself for dinner. It was about 25 dollar.

When my order shows up the bag is untied, my chips are 3/4 eaten and my kid's cookie is missing. Plus there was tons of smoke and ash in the bag.

I immediately called the restaurant and the store manager was not happy. I had to send them a video and photos. Doordash took 40 minutes to get a phone Nnumber and then I was on hold another 30 minutes so they could confirm with the store.

In this time frame this driver is taken more orders and tampering food.

The store manager took my advice in asking for the driver's license and they will call cops from now on. DoorDash is heading for a lawsuit do to drivers' tampering and will bankrupt the company.

I am soo glad I caught the tampering or I would be in the ER with my 2 year old child.

DoorDash is a disgusting company!!!

Location: Cortland, New York

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