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Ordered a couple of nights ago while I was working the night shift at the hotel where I work. I order food to be delivered ALL THE TIME.

Usually from Waitr, but lately door dash fees have been lower so I decided to try your service. Out of 4 orders I had 3 bad experiences. First one the delivery girl was nice but kept begging me for a job application, even though I told her that half our staff had been laid off due to the pandemic. She kept insisting and throwing out the name of the old manager.

I advised that I am the manager of the hotel and that we are definitely not hiring. After 3 or 4 no's she finally left. 2nd order the girl rushed right by me and went upstairs with my food. It was earlier than the time quoted for my deliver so I assumed it was for someone else.

20 minutes or so later, I checked my phone for my order which was late by then. It was the girl who had brought my food in earlier, and she insisted that a request to be left outside of room 327 was on the ticket. I told her that was ridiculous and that she had mixed up the order. She argued with me, as if I was some sort of idiot who would request my food to be left on a random guests doorway.

She told me that if the food was gone to call corporate, unbelievable! 3rd time today they managed to mess up a sonic hamburger and onion rings. Sonic was out of onion rings so instead of substitution they just didn't give me a side. So now after working a 10 hour shift I get to eat a $2 hamburger with no side, the manager from Sonic took it upon herself to decide to give me nothing with my burger rather than substitute fries or tater tots.

I ate the stale burger bun that was drenched in so much mustard I could taste nothing else and I'm still hungry. I paid $13 for a nasty $2 sonic hamburger and was told to go thru door dash to get my refund.

I'll give it a few days to show up on my card, if it's not there, Lord help whoever answers the phone when I call next week. Y'all won't get another time from me!

Monetary Loss: $3.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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