VERY VERY DISSATISFIED! Ordered from Panera, have done this about once a week for the last two years, it didnt come.

Called Panera and door dash spending long periods of time on hold but DoorDash said they got my food reordered. Still didnt come so call and wait on hold for at least 20 mins and my order was scheduled for next day. Then door dash, after waiting on hold again, says theyve fixed it to come ASAP. Also lied and said my food was delivered the first time.

Described my work door pretty close except the address is not on front door. Then say driver tried calling me 7 times, why do we need to call me if they say they delivered my food? I will not use door dash ever again and will tell others not to. That Panera has also lost this customer.

Neither place made any attempt at all to compensate me for all the frustration and time spent on phone. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

User's recommendation: Use any delivery but door dash!!

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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