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Thats it! I am DONE with DoorDash.

Let me start off by saying that I have been a DoorDash customer for more years than Id like to admit. Not only that, I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars over these past several years just by placing orders through them. There are times that I almost order daily from them. Its sickening thinking now how much money Ive spend on this company and how they have failed me- hundreds of times!!

I dont know where to start- with the drivers or the customer service?

I have lost count how many times the drivers have delivered my order to the wrong address. I have a note section in the delivery section that gives DETAILED directions on which steps to take to get to my address as it can be a bit confusing to some. Most of the time the drivers care enough to read the notes, or at the very least- Call me to tell me theyre lost. Tonight was the final straw because this same scenario has happened many many times!

The driver delivered it to the wrong address and sent me a photo of the door that it was delivered to. It was clearly the wrong door. I texted him right away and called him but he never answered or responded. I went outside looking for my order and it was no where to be found.

I contacted DoorDash customer service right away and they denied my request for a refund since apparently this has happened on several occasions. I was appalled. How is it my fault that some of their drivers dont read directions? Why should I still be held liable for someone elses mistakes.

I spoke to two different representatives tonight and they both said they cant help me. This is the treatment I get after years and years of giving them my business? They stink!

I am pissed. I seriously dont understand how this company is still in business.

Delivery issues aside, Ive also had issues with missing items and restaurants not reading any special requests. Also, the fees they charge are atrocious and they prey on suckers like me who cant leave the house easily to just pick up food. They also up charge on items as Ive compared the restaurants regular menu to DoorDashs and DD almost always has an extra $1-2 on each item compared to what the restaurant charges regularly.

DoorDash is thievery. Please dont be a sucker like me and fall into their trap.

They are selling you convenience. Thats it. Their customer service sucks.

Most of their drivers suck (Ive experienced some really great ones and I respect their hustle, but to the ones that just dont give a damn and dont pay attention- level up!

I normally would never wish this on anyone, but I truly hope this company goes out of business. I hate them- and I dont say that ever.

User's recommendation: Stay AWAYYYYYY.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: No. I’m done with them. They can keep it. I’ll keep my pride. I hope they go out of business. .

DoorDash Pros: Past orders were delived.

DoorDash Cons: Deceptive email practices, Incompetent driver, Never received my food.

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If anything should be banned it’s these ridiculous 3rd party delivery services. DoorDash charges Restaurants over 30% in commissions fees, they charge the drivers a $3 base fee for every order they deliver and most of the time don’t give them their full tip, and they charge consumers insane fees as well.

Stop using DoorDash and other services like GrubHub and postmates.

I understand some people rely on these services for various reasons and they get away with charging people, but I suggest just using a restaurants own delivery service. Even some grocery stores and places like CVS offer their own delivery this way they don’t have to use these 3rd party services.


I can understand why some people use these kind of delivery services- some people are disabled and can’t move around alot ; some people work all day and don’t have the time to cook, some people rather not cook etc.. but these companies take advantage with their ridiculous fees- that’s the part that never sat right with me and why I never used them. I hope you find an alternative and stop using companies like door dash.


DD is terrible. Same thing happened to me over and over and I stopped using them.


You're a complete bus wreck. Start cooking at home. They should ban you.

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