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Ordered food mid-day but choose the option to have it delivered later. I picked a delivery time of 7:00-7:30 pm.

I also used a coupon code for $5 off that the DoorDash website said it applied, but the amount was never deducted from the final charge. After speaking with customer service, they told me it was my fault for entering a coupon code that only applied to a specific restaurant in a completely different city & state, but reluctantly offered to credit me $5 since I was a first-time customer. Ridiculous--the website should be able to figure that out and not tell me it was applied. A little while later DoorDash called me to say my order had not yet been accepted by the restaurant, they called the restaurant to inquire, and that the restaurant doesn't open until 5:00 pm.

I was asked if I wanted a refund. I said no, and asked why I could not keep my existing order that was supposed to be delivered between 7:00-7:30 (2.5 hours from then!). When I pointed out that 7:00 pm is after 5:00 pm, the rep apologized for the inconvenience and told me my order would be ok. 10 minutes later I get a text message from DoorDash telling me my order has been canceled due to "unexpected restaurant closure." A similar email is sent as well.

I call the restaurant myself and asked if they are open. They answer "yes." I asked if I may place a take-out order, they say "sure." I asked them if they accept orders via DoorDash, again they answer "yes." I thank them and contact DoorDash customer support via both text message and email inquiring, why my order was canceled, pointed out the restaurant was not closed, and that they are willing to fill such an order.

By 6:45 pm I still had not received a reply from DoorDash support and I called the restaurant and ordered directly. Food was ready in 15 minutes and it was $21 less than DoorDash's price w/ tip.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service, problems with payment, problem with delivery.

DoorDash Cons: No way to easily contact customer service, Order canceled but reason given was not valid.

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This is how door dash operates. Using deceit and lies.

Best thing you can do is never use them again and be happy your issues are relatively minor. If you continue to use them, the issues will get worse and worse.

Very typical of them to 'Blame The Restaurant'. They do this quite often. The simple fact of the matter is, they not only screw their customers and their restaurants, but they also screw their drivers (do a google search), hence they had no drivers to deliver your order, yet didn't want to be honest with you, so they lied.

Again, your issue is a minor one. Be happy about that. If you keep using them, you will wish you hadn't. And BTW, while they wont disclose this, its a fact.

When they screw up, which will be very often, they will attempt to give you door dash credits. Once they give you so many credits, the system will deactivate you. So, if THEY screw up, you will be the one who suffers. They will double, triple bill your credit card for food you never even received, they will then make you jump thru hoops to the point you simply give up and allow them to give you door dash credits instead.

Then they will deactivate you and not allow you to use the credits. This is pure 100% theft.

Its also standard operating procedure for them. Good luck.