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I recently used door dash through a Walmart delivery service and had a terrible experience. As this is my first experience with door dash I thought it would be important to bring attention to something that will deter my business and make me wary of using the service again so that way hopefully anyone else who might be interested in the service will not receive the same kind of service that I had.

\I had my delivery set to my apartment from 5-6pm. I knew that I would be at work during this time, but my fiance would be at the apartment to take care of it since someone had to be present to sign for the order. At around 5:15 I get a call from my delivery driver. Thankfully, I was on my break around this time and was able to answer her initial call.

Since we live in a recently developed apartment complex, I knew there might be issue with the address. I provided her with directions to my apartment complex as she had mistakenly gone to the incorrect complex right down the road. I told her I would text her the address, if that would be more helpful. The phone number system kept saying that the phone number was no longer reachable, so then I proceeded to attempt to call her back as many times as I could within the time remaining of my break.

I sent my fiance the number and tried to see if he could get into contact with her, which he could not. I also told him to wait outside to see if he could show her to our apartment. He said after waiting around 15 minutes outside no one had showed up at that point, after she said she had found the right complex. After many failed attempts to call her back and text her, I was finally at a point at work where I could answer her call.

I told her that I was sorry that I was at work and hadn't been able to contact her to which I overheard her say to someone else "she's not even at home, she's at work." She then asked me if anyone was at home and I told her that my fiance was to sign for my delivery and he had been trying to contact her as well as trying to locate her outside. She then proceeded to tell me that I had given her an address I had never heard of, I told her that I had double checked on the website and the address that I entered was correct. I told her that I had tried to contact her many times, but the app they use for their phone numbers would not let anything go through. She then very rudely told me about the time she had wasted her time trying to deliver my order and that because of me she hadn't made any money during this hour and that this was her job.

Even after doing all I could to try and make contact with her and give her the correct address, I still apologized for the inconvenience. She then told me that she had brought my items back to walmart because she couldn't waste any more of her time. Thankfully my fiance was able to call and Gabrielle was able to deliver our groceries much smoother.

I can provide documentation of the times I attempted to call her back, text messages I sent, and correct address the delivery was entered for on my initial set up of the delivery if need be, to which she seemed to think I did not do any of. I have attempted to contact multiple sources.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Customer service lacking
  • Atrocious Delivery
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DoorDash app makes it IMPOSSIBLE to communicate.


Well you need to have a correct address for them. if you're holding them up. And you're not tipping them they're not making any money.


As I stated in the review and provided documentation of I gave my correct address not quite sure how it got lose in translation. I also always tip good amount, would’ve made sure to overtip for the trouble without the rude comments made and unprofessionalism.


To be clear once the driver called you and she couldnot find you or your fiancee she could have just started the timer and 8 minutes later still got paid for her time and would have been free to go on to her next delivery. With your walmart items.

Bc you or your representative was not available.

As far as you calling her repeatedly until sheclosed out that delivery , you was in fact able to call that masked number up until she gave Walmart your items. Next time i suggest you put the contact info or order said products on the person who will be present.


I merely attempted to call her and kept getting told that the number was no longer in service each time. Have no reason to spam call her and not fix the problems if able to.


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