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Im done using DD. Id say at least half the time, if not more - the service is terrible.

I thought maybe it was because I wasnt tipping enough. Started tipping about 25%+ and its still terrible. Ive had several orders take 2X as long as they claim, if not more. I had one that kept hopping from driver to driver over an hour after I put my order in.

I finally got my ice cold food 1.5 hours after it was done. Another time we were missing about half our order (cant be sure if that was the restaurant or driver). Both those times DD gave me a $10 credit or refund for the missing items. This last time, the driver picked up my pizza, 2mi from my house.

Then completed an order several miles in the other direction. It took about an hour to get it - and the place is 5min away. Pizza was cold. I complained and was told I wont get a refund because Ive complained too many times THATS BECAUSE OF TERRIBLE SERVICE.

Not only do you have to pay a service fee - but if you compare the prices on DD compared to the restaurants menu, theres at least $1 mark up on most items.

By the time I tip, Im paying damn near 50% more than if I got it myself - and thats fine, if it comes in a reasonable amount of time.

Pay and treat your employees better so they provide service.

Ive given you enough chances, cancelled my Pass. Im done.

User's recommendation: Use another service - get your food yourself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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