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This is bad system for restaurants who have employees who work for TIPS. The company calls in the order to for take out, a working server takes the order, sometimes requiring more than one phone call to complete an order, enters the order for the kitchen, then the server puts the order together (taking time away form our in house customers) to be picked up by the delivery person, a credit card needs to be run) more time from the in house guests, AND the server doesn't get a tip, the DRIVER does.

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I agree with you completely except for the tip sentence. DoorDash drivers don’t receive tips.

The tips that customers leave on cards are subtracted from the delivery charge instead of added. Any tipped amount just means doordash pays less of their own money to the driver. There are a couple lawsuits pending so they change their way.

This is different with Grubhub... they do get tips.