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I wish Doordash execs and the founders were living in rotted cardboard boxes. This company has NO good customer support.

As a dasher I make their business model work and yet they do not even answer my calls while Im out delivering food. They end the chat sessions as soon as I start them. I can do their job better if they are to unable to simply aide customers and dashers. I know your offices are in San Francisco, so maybe that is the problem.

Not much common sense in those parts. Please make your model work, it's not hard.

Have reliable servers, a well-functioning app with competent developer and IT teams, and determined and qualified customer support agents. What ever you're doing, you're doing it completely wrong, but I guess I should not expect much from a company that stole tips from its own delivery drivers.

User's recommendation: Use another food delivery service.

DoorDash Cons: It is hard to get an answer, Stealing money.

Location: Round Rock, Texas

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With your attitude, you do not deserve to work for them. Maybe you are the one that needs to live in a rotten cardboard box. I think until you are more mature you need to quit.

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