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I am appalled at what I've gathered is their "official" way of righting a wrong...

1. Late?: If you're delivery is over an hour they late they only offer you a delivery fee in credits, this ranges from 1-7 in credits and NOT a refund.

2. Missing an item?: If you're delivery is missing an item they give you the cost of the item in credits, NOT a refund.

3. Get delivered the wrong item?: If they deliver you a salad when you wanted a cheeseburger they give you a deliver fee in credits ranging from 1-7, NOT a refund.

4. Restaurant closed?: They just cancel the order, put the amount in credits and you won't know until you're stomach is howling.

They really push to give you the least amount of credits possible and, in my opinion, if you don't get what you ordered then it's only right to get your money back.

If there's ever a class action against them for this "legal" loophole of stealing money then count me in!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Terrible company policies.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

DoorDash Pros: Delivery guy.

DoorDash Cons: Poor customer service, Missing meals.

  • Payment dispute
  • Illegal Services
  • Unreliable Delivery
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I agree completely Ive had many calls w them they claim they sent me refunds for bad food many times but it never shows up in my account they owe me by now close to 60 dollars


I put the wrong address where I used to live by accident and they took my money after I canceled the order


Well duh you click ‘still need help and they refund you’ smarty pants


My nachos came soggy! I want my money back


I never get people who order nachos to go. It’s wet sauce on a corn chip.

Unless your driver only has to drive a mile to you, it will be soggy. Not rocket science .


Omg its the worst. My order was over an hour late.

I called to figure out what was going on with my order since I have a 19 month old who really wanted her food and i had been giving her snacks to hold her over.

The lady literally told me that it would probably be another 30 minutes with no explanation, offer of credits or anything. I don't even want a refund or anything, but seriously they need to be better at customer service especially since I prepaid the tip that this driver does not deserve at all.


You don’t know the driver or what they encountered. Often merchants don’t have the meals ready.

I’ve had customers calling me about their order and literally got me lost. I’m driving to your house using Google maps. So rude. I’m not a robot.

You also don’t know about traffic. Parking issues. Orders prior to yours. All we do is accept.

Put up w the bs of picking up the food and then getting out tips stolen to cover our wages. I’m just saying, the driver is usually not the problem.


I *** hate door dash customer service. It’s nonexistent.

The speed or service is usually okay, they often arrive too early when selecting a set delivery time. When orders are wrong they never make the situation right. Here is a 5.00 credit sorry. I will never use them again.

The app is amazing, the selection of venues is amazing. The customer service and the way they allow orders to be messed up is the worst.


My food last night was half eaten, they didn’t even give me as much credit as the food cost




I agree 100%. I’ve tried arguing to have the money placed back onto my credit card but they just continue to refuse.

I had to file a dispute with my cc company and told them to take their credits back.

Why would I use your horrible services again?! Plenty of competition I’m willing to spend my money.

On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center
In case you'd like to get reimbursed by DoorDash, read what can be done in a situation like this here:

That doesn't work. Doordash Stole 72 Dollars from my account for food that never arrived.

They have lied again and again and claimed that they refunded me the money even though the charge is still on my bank account. I'm filing a complaint with the better business bureau and advise anyone here who has had similar problems to do the same.


Ordered food at 8:40. Next thing I know it’s 9:40, still no movement I’m thinking they’re on the way; nope.

Order cancelled at 9:44 with no warning.

The only reason I knew is because I checked wondering what was taking SO long, now everything is basically closed in my area and I’m starving; haven’t eaten a full meal all day and now I have to figure out another way. They better return my money!


I was supposed to get paid Monday night but still waiting for my weekly pay this is *** I'm pissed off door dash really messed up my birthday . I still havent heard from a live human being yet regarding my issue.

@Carmon cain

It can take up to three days to get paid depending on your bank. My pay always hits on Tuesdays rather than Mondays; that’s a bank hold, not DoorDash.


Just an FYI, banks by federal law cannot hold payroll funds. So, if your pay date is Monday and you aren't paid and it's been submitted to the payroll processor on time (most are, seeing as most used with automated time keeping software), you have a problem with your financial institution.

It's not entirely uncommon, especially if the bank or credit union is a local operation. As for refunds, that's a merchant services provider problem there. They take their sweet time getting funds back to customers, but surely know how to take it out of an account very quickly! There are some that work relatively instantaneously, but those cost more to use as a business.

And is DoorDash going to pay for that better service for their customers? Definitely not.

Their phone number is (844) 285-0248 and while you will get an actual live human on the phone, don't expect much in terms of customer service. That too, is outsourced offshore and is very unhelpful.


I agree with this 1000%%% Thank you for posting. Joey A San Francisco & Las Vegas


I too had an issue with them. They charged my credit card for a dinner at Red Lobster ($45.05) using the Google Pay functionality (I had not tied my credit card to the app directly).

The charge was successful, but the app stated it failed. Upon calling customer dis-service, "Oliver" stated the only resolution was to 1) have him escalate it and they would "try" to refund my money (yes, he said "try) 2) tie my credit card directly to the order and then re-place it, essentially being charged twice for 1 order.

2 days later, the charge was not refunded, and I have spoken to the FTC, Google Play support. some of their major clients (Wendys, Red Lobster, Chipotle) corporate offices, and will be contacting the FBI for the bank/credit card fraud/white collar aspects to this.

@Chris B

You're literally psycho