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I am appalled at what I've gathered is their "official" way of righting a wrong...

1. Late?: If you're delivery is over an hour they late they only offer you a delivery fee in credits, this ranges from 1-7 in credits and NOT a refund.

2. Missing an item?: If you're delivery is missing an item they give you the cost of the item in credits, NOT a refund.

3. Get delivered the wrong item?: If they deliver you a salad when you wanted a cheeseburger they give you a deliver fee in credits ranging from 1-7, NOT a refund.

4. Restaurant closed?: They just cancel the order, put the amount in credits and you won't know until you're stomach is howling.

They really push to give you the least amount of credits possible and, in my opinion, if you don't get what you ordered then it's only right to get your money back.

If there's ever a class action against them for this "legal" loophole of stealing money then count me in!!

This reviewer shared experience about "terrible company policies" and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. This person is overall dissatisfied with Doordash. The most disappointing about doordash delivery service at Doordash was customer service and missing meals , but reviewer liked delivery guy. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I too have had a TERRIBLE experience with Door Dash. And was given Credits, but now I am not able to access them. I really just wanted a refund.


Just happened to me! Waited literally over 2 hours and I had not received anything and the status of my order had not changed since. Horrible experience to say the least.


Add me to the list!!! They had a company that never heard of them on their list.

waited 2 hrs tonight for an order that was never coming.

They got my money and i got nothing. thieving ***


I wonder if they ever contact customers who have been scammed by them? They suck. Its a crime.


And the real kicker here is that they continually screw up and then push hard to give you door dash credits in lieu of a refund to your credit card. What they don't tell you is that as they keep screwing up and you keep accepting the door dash credits, once your credits hit a certain amount the system automatically deactivates you, not allowing you to use the credits.

This company is going down.

They use far too many deceptive business practices, many of which are likely illegal.

They prey on the theme of screwing as many people as they can, knowing 'the little guy will eventually just give up and not waste time on $100 or so', yet for them, screwing thousands out of $10-$100 does add up.

In any event, this company will be dead and buried.

Redwood City, California, United States #1253558

All I got to say is Joel from DoorDash is the real mvp

Houston, Texas, United States #1251377

Seriously, this is such a horrible service. Borderline theft?

You got that right.

I spent over $40 on an order a couple of days ago and it never came. Nor did I get any credits.

Fontana, California, United States #1224920

I'm in !


1. WRONG- late order 60+ minutes...we don't just give the delivery fee, the amount you receive is based on your order subtotal.

2. 1/2 WRONG - missing items, if you are missing the entire cheeseburger fries and drink? We offer first a redelivery if you say no...ok that's fine we credit or refund to cc the cost of item + tax + delivery fee. If JUST the fries are missing?

Credit or refund to cc delivery fee only. We can't redeliver missing sauces, or a part of the item.

3. WRONGO - Wrong item received...

redelivery for correct item + delivery fee credits or a refund to cc.

4. SO VERY WRONG - If a restaurant is closed yes, we have to cancel the order. As soon as we push the cancel button...the system automatically issues...you guessed it! a R E F U N D!!!!!!

We are able to issue refunds to a cc too!

You just have to ask, that's it! However, our go to for repaying a customer is credits because they are available immediately while a refund will require you to wait 2-7 business days depending on you bank or financial institution.

to Ydoiworkhere Berkeley, California, United States #1198327

I am waiting on a refund from May. The restaurant was closed, and they never refunded the $. We are now August.

to Ydoiworkhere #1221725

You come across as rude af. I'm just a random reader and can't believe your tone

to Ydoiworkhere #1391131

Right or "WRONGO" - the patronizing and aggressive tone in your response tells me I want nothing to do with DoorDash.

to Ydoiworkhere #1505115

*** doordash, never using it again if this is your customer service attitude.

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