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I am appalled at what I've gathered is their "official" way of righting a wrong...

1. Late?: If you're delivery is over an hour they late they only offer you a delivery fee in credits, this ranges from 1-7 in credits and NOT a refund.

2. Missing an item?: If you're delivery is missing an item they give you the cost of the item in credits, NOT a refund.

3. Get delivered the wrong item?: If they deliver you a salad when you wanted a cheeseburger they give you a deliver fee in credits ranging from 1-7, NOT a refund.

4. Restaurant closed?: They just cancel the order, put the amount in credits and you won't know until you're stomach is howling.

They really push to give you the least amount of credits possible and, in my opinion, if you don't get what you ordered then it's only right to get your money back.

If there's ever a class action against them for this "legal" loophole of stealing money then count me in!!

This reviewer shared experience about "terrible company policies" and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. This person is overall dissatisfied with Doordash. The most disappointing about doordash delivery service at Doordash was customer service and missing meals , but reviewer liked delivery guy. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Ordered food at 8:40. Next thing I know it’s 9:40, still no movement I’m thinking they’re on the way; nope.

Order cancelled at 9:44 with no warning.

The only reason I knew is because I checked wondering what was taking SO long, now everything is basically closed in my area and I’m starving; haven’t eaten a full meal all day and now I have to figure out another way. They better return my money!


I was supposed to get paid Monday night but still waiting for my weekly pay this is bull crap I'm pissed off door dash really messed up my birthday . I still havent heard from a live human being yet regarding my issue.


I agree with this 1000%%% Thank you for posting. Joey A San Francisco & Las Vegas


I too had an issue with them. They charged my credit card for a dinner at Red Lobster ($45.05) using the Google Pay functionality (I had not tied my credit card to the app directly).

The charge was successful, but the app stated it failed. Upon calling customer dis-service, "Oliver" stated the only resolution was to 1) have him escalate it and they would "try" to refund my money (yes, he said "try) 2) tie my credit card directly to the order and then re-place it, essentially being charged twice for 1 order.

2 days later, the charge was not refunded, and I have spoken to the FTC, Google Play support. some of their major clients (Wendys, Red Lobster, Chipotle) corporate offices, and will be contacting the FBI for the bank/credit card fraud/white collar aspects to this.


This post lets me know that I am not alone in the poor customer service I have received at DoorDash


Whenever I order they are always quicker than what they say it will be besides one time where I ordered at like 10:20 and I guess they close at 10:30 or something so they had nobody to deliver my food but they gave $21 back in credit when my order was only $12+$3 tip so $15 order and they gave me $6 extra and they delivered the food still the next afternoon for free so Idk what problems you are having but they gave me free food and $21 back

to Anonymous #1540452

of course you are anonymous - FAKE POST!!!


I order from DoorDash a lot, from only one restaurant because they aren't partnered with GrubHub. Always very pricey, but the food is good.

Today, they were an hour late. Was promised delivery half an hour after I ordered, and whatever they promise is always incorrect. Ten or fifteen minutes late is fine, but over an hour?

Ridiculous. Would rather go out to eat than order from DoorDash again.

to Anonymous #1540446

I agree with this 1000%%% Thank you for posting. Joey A San Francisco & Las Vegas


I called the restaurant that had left items out of my order. The manager called doordash and refunded doordash the entire order.

Doordash called me and offered me a credit for the item that was missing. I had paid for the food. They didn’t pay for anything. And the manager only gave them the credit because it was the only way for her to do it since it was delivered via doordash.

They are fraudulent. That’s legally called double dipping.


I have been charged in never used any type of service with you guys


I guess I’m just another to bite the dust with extremely poor delivery service. Never using them again.

Save fifteen measly bucks or save a customer for life possibly? DoorDash wouldn’t even be able to answer the question in time anyways.


I too have had a TERRIBLE experience with Door Dash. And was given Credits, but now I am not able to access them. I really just wanted a refund.

to Lauren Davis #1540454

I agree with this 1000%%% Thank you for posting. Joey A San Francisco & Las Vegas

to Lauren Davis #1540456

Get it from your credit card. I had over $50 in fraud charges from DD on my card. I got a refund via my Credit Card company - *** YOU DOOR DASH!!


Just happened to me! Waited literally over 2 hours and I had not received anything and the status of my order had not changed since. Horrible experience to say the least.


Add me to the list!!! They had a company that never heard of them on their list.

waited 2 hrs tonight for an order that was never coming.

They got my money and i got nothing. thieving ***


I wonder if they ever contact customers who have been scammed by them? They suck. Its a crime.


And the real kicker here is that they continually screw up and then push hard to give you door dash credits in lieu of a refund to your credit card. What they don't tell you is that as they keep screwing up and you keep accepting the door dash credits, once your credits hit a certain amount the system automatically deactivates you, not allowing you to use the credits.

This company is going down.

They use far too many deceptive business practices, many of which are likely illegal.

They prey on the theme of screwing as many people as they can, knowing 'the little guy will eventually just give up and not waste time on $100 or so', yet for them, screwing thousands out of $10-$100 does add up.

In any event, this company will be dead and buried.

Redwood City, California, United States #1253558

All I got to say is Joel from DoorDash is the real mvp

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