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6/23/2019 there is blood on the bottom of my food container and I have talked to the restaurant that prepared the food and no one there has any cuts or is bleeding , I have tried to call door dash and it asked for a PIN number to talk to them which I do not have, I am very worried that I have consumed someone’s blood and door dash Does not have an emergency phone number for this type of complaint and the name of the delivery driver is not on the receipt. THIS NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED NOW.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Food contaminated with blood.

Preferred solution: Must be resolved in a different manner.

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1: it's probably not blood. 2: Doordash doesn't prepare the food.

Your problem is with the restaurant. Contact them. 3: this is a blog. Contact the restaurant directly.

They will never see this complaint. 4: even if doordash saw this complaint, how would they know who you are?