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Seriously, I've never done business with doordash. One or two mail pieces I can understand, but 7 pieces in 10 business days??? Get over yourself already. I obviously do not want to use your service. Save yourself some money on postage.

And I can't contact you directly, because you require me to enable the most exploited web technology, Java. WTF???????? What kind of web company still relies on Java when HTML5 is mature? Is Doordash hoping that their customers are ***? Is Doordash ***? I am starting to believe that their marketing people have way too much influence.

Stop sending out mailers to people that are not current customers. You are a web company, generate new customers through the web.

Stop relying on outdated, insecure, easily attacked, products like Java. You are a web company. Embrace a current technology, at least.

Are you trying to generate bad reviews????

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Website.

Reason of review: Shitty business model.

Preferred solution: Stop harassing people who are not your customers. And stop putting your customers at risk by requireing them to use insecure/outdated/vulnerable technologies..

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totally agree... I've tried several times to get them off my back.

Constantly sending to my work email address.

I'm guessing that they got my info from linkedin.

Terrible company. Will never use them.


Call support @ 1-855-973-1040 and ask us to remove you from the mailing list. It's that easy! :-)


I tried calling. The chick didn't know what USPS mail was.

She couldn't get my name correct even after me spelling it out for her. I asked for a super and she just put me on mute and stopped responding.