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It started with the rep. that called back to inform me that my food will be another 45 minutes until delivery after the door dash driver went to the wrong location first.

As a result of my food delayed another 45 minutes is because there driver ran out of gas, wait it gets better. When trying to resolve matter with the so called customer service that provides no services other than frustration and disappointments. Door dash did just the opposite of providing customer service and I don’t believe that this company has become what it is today by treating customers the way we was treated tonite. I pray the powers that be read this review because of the employees you have that serviced us tonite treat many others I.

This regard I don’t imagine door dash will last much further. To constantly say you understand someone in their time of frustration but not sincerely attend to their needs is a serious problem.

Ultimately we didn’t receive any food or a refund for a 36 dollar order tonite that they made to seem was our fault at first. If others read this review take caution with ordering and having other people that are not actual employees deliver your food.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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such a common complaint...The customer service is useless...If you check with the restaurants, you will find many screw ups and complaints...the restaurant I ordered from said there were 14 other screw ups the same night as mine....


A hint for avoiding disappointments with food delivery personnel: that thing in your kitchen with the knobs on it is a range and you can actually prepare and cook food on it that you buy at a grocery store. It saves money and time. Check into it and you won't have to rely on someone bringing you food.

Darrol H

Sure, thanks for the reply, but remember to practice what you preach the next time you and your family want to order pizza!


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