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I opened my foot about 2:30 pm to check the mail. There was a sack from Jasons Deli.

It had been left there after noon. No one rang the bell. Im sure someone is not happy because the did not get lunch. There was a couple of advertising cards and a sticker with Thanks Alicia written on it.

I am not happy that someone left it at my door. I called Jasons Deli. They had no idea who it belonged to. But said I could keep it because they cant take it back.

I am no interested in it either. COVID-19 prevents me from ordering deliveries and I refuse to eat out. Im sorry but the same protocol that wont let Jasons to take it back is followed in my home. I really do not APPRECIATE TRASH at my door.

I would never use doordash either. Who knows if they have COVID-19 or not. Everything that is delivered to my mailbox or door is disinfected before I bring it in.

Masks are worn and hands are washed constantly. But, that does not keep one from COVID.

User's recommendation: Don’t use incompetent delivery services.

Preferred solution: Pick the trash up that you left at my door. .

DOORDASH Cons: Covid.

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