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Read this email from Door Dash- You CAN NOT delete one credit card unless you add a new one! Really?! I just want my credit card deleted altogether! How can this be legal?

I contacted the company and this is what I received in my email. How about just deleting the entire account then

Removing a credit card

1. Open the DoorDash app

2. Touch the three white dots in the top right corner

3. Touch Account

4. Touch Payment Cards

5. Hold and swipe the card you want to remove to the right

? NOTE: You cannot delete a card unless you have another card set as default.

6. Click Undo if the card was accidentally deleted

7. The card is deleted if you don’t click “Undo”

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Account.

Reason of review: I do not want my credit card information saved.

DOORDASH Pros: Dasher.

DOORDASH Cons: Poor customer service unable to delete credit card info.

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Lodge complains about them saving your CC info without an opt out, to your State Attorney General's office. My niece has had numerous fraud attempts with her cards as she has had to replace them.

She is a bio and foster mom of special needs kids and it helps her to be able to order a meal on tough nights so she does not cancel. I personally found out in my own town, the Door Dash didn't even have contracts with restaurants to deliver for them. It became apparent when I placed an order and my food never came. I called the restaurant directly and the "Dasher" had been there twice to pay for and pick up my order....with worthless "credit cards" that Dashers are given, and the main office adds $ to the cards as needed.

It was in discussion with this highly rated, posh restaurant that I learned DOOR Dash had taken menus from them and another high end restaurant, added them to their Dash page without even asking to be on Doordash platforms.

Attorneys had to get involved and with 24 hours the two restaurants were no longer listed. Do they even do background checks, criminal and otherwise on their dashers?


Wow....my two succinct paragraphs were mutilated (not by me)


Unbelievable! Doordash sent out security notice emails saying account information was compromised by a hacker, including CC information.

I want nothing more to do with them, so I go to the mobile app but they won’t let me delete my credit card!

Wtf kind of a company is that! Wowww


I’m in the exact same situation. I just ordered through door dash for my daughter but I don’t want my card info stored there. I’m going to delete the app and hopefully that’ll do it.


that don’t do , because DOORDash seems to have a monthly subscription no ones knows about so they are going to take $10 off your card without you knowing


Delete your CC through https://www.doordash.com/consumer/checkout. Sometimes it states the address is not correct however, if you keep trying eventually you will be able to delete your CC. I’ve done it this way several times.


LOG IN ON THE WEB , click on the 3 line button for the MENU , CLICK YOUR NAME , SCROLL DOWN & PUSH THE X NEXT TO YOUR CARD #YoureWelcome


I would like to be able to delete my credit card even if I don’t add another that not right to force people to keep your card . I don’t feel safe having my card there forever!!!


They have yet to fix this, had I known this I would have never signed up.


You can actually delete your card number if you do it on the web browser & NOT the actual app. I just deleted mine right now mine right now.


SAME EXACT thing is happening with me! The last 24 hours/ I posted on Twitter...

emailed Doordash...

Getting the same reply... The link used to work., https://help.doordash.com/consumers/s/article/How-do-I-update-my-credit-card-information Go to the Checkout page


You can actually delete your card number if you do it on the web browser & NOT the actual app. I just deleted mine right now.


Thank you this works!


You can actually delete your card number if you do it on the web browser & NOT the actual app. I just deleted mine right now.


Yes, you can ONLY do it on YOUR SMARTPHONE. You can't delete your card on their website.

Just simply download the app and install it. Then, go to Your ACCOUNT. Then, click on PAYMENTS. There you will see your card along with others form of payment.

Just simply put your finger on your card and SLIDE it LEFT or RIGHT. Then, it will show in if you want to undo in the same place your card was displayed. Obviously, you don't want to click on UNDO... so then simply close your app afterward.

Cheers!!! :)




That is incorrect. You can not do it on the app. You can only do it on the website.


UNBELIEVABLE. I have used this door dash app about 4 times and i am NEVER using door dash again.

Called their customer services about 6-7 times, NOT ONE PERSON picked up. I stayed on hold for about 2 hours. The "dashpass" was charged $10 to my account WITHOUT my consent which I AM SO positive, I HAVE NEVER SIGNED UP for it. I do not use this app enough to allow them to charge me $10 a month.

I tried looking up several ways to delete my account and my CARD in general so they won't charge me again without my consent.



I have have been having this happen to me I have messaged them gave them they info on showing them they charged me for the dasspass and I was never refunded my 20.00 for 2 months of it this the I didnt sign up for it


It took many, many tries. But I have my card on there, as well as my boss’ who trusted me to order large orders.

You go to the payment info, hold for a few seconds down on the card. Then Swipe left, and a red delete box popped up. I was able to remove her card.

I was also able to remove mine. I’m assuming if I order again, I just re-enter my card.