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Unable to print receipts without the delivery map taking up the entire page. I dont need the delivery map, who needs a damn delivery map on a receipt.

Then to ask for help I had to comb through your FAQ page, with no where to type a email or find a number to call, not very customer service friendly. Get it together its 2018. We placed a significant amount of orders in the month of august and are trying to reconcile our corporate card, making it very difficult to do when we have to print ten copies of the same receipt to get the entire thing on one page.

Needless to say waste of time and energy. Will not be recommending this app to anyone until you get it taken care of.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Mobile Application.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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Exactly im in the exact same boat. Uber Eats make it really easy but i thought i would try out doordash. Never again, i will just stick with Uber Eats.


Yup, same problem here. Only solution I found is to get out some sort of "snipping" tool and actually clip that part of their "receipt" out.

Then it saves as a PNG which then you have can transform into a PDF (using Adobe).

So yea, two technologies later I'm able to get a receipt which should just be auto-generated like the rest of the world. Please fix.


As soon as Uber Eats supports opening a shared order I'm dropping DoorDash like a hot rock - for this very reason.


same complaint


I can’t believe this company still exists with such fatal flaw. Made the mistake of ordering from them three times until I realize how long it takes to get a damn receipt together (had to print screen the order page). Do NOT use them for any reimbursable meals for your own sanity.




This sucks! There is no way to print a receipt out for expenses that shows the final number and is without the map


Just waisted 30 minutes trying to find a way to print my team order receipt for reimbursement and this page is so far the only related piece on information I found on Doordash site. No order receipt printing / download / view feature!

Are you folks serious? Is anyone even reading this customer feedback?


Too difficult to generate a receipt for corporate reimbursement. Won't use again.


Yes, horrible experience with getting a receipt


Why in the name of god can't I print a simple receipt? The map is completely irrelevant, I need the expenses and the total and last four of my card.


please fix this, allow me to forward receipts to my email or sometihng


Agree.....it is very frustrating to not print a receipt easily!


This is completely ridiculous. Talk about form over function - there is no way to simply export a PDF of a receipt, ok fine, why not just show the total in the receipt email you send? More "Let's make it pretty" without actually thinking about how a user would use a receipt.


I am having the same issue here reconciling corporate card. We order lunch in often, any recommendations on a better running app that delivers?


Agreed! It makes it a challenge to reconcile for corporate accounts. Will be ordering from Foodora from now on


Agreed. Uber has a much better system which provides a link to print out a generated PDF reciept. Door Dash needs to implement something like that.


Agreed - your receipts are ridiculous for corporate travelers.


Same issue - only solution I found was to use the mobile app and take several screen shots and then stitch those together. Absolutely pathetic.


I am having the same problem... I finally got a PDF copy of one order and no trying to get two others...

they tell me by email that they do not have that capability... I HAVE ONE ALREADY... I KNOW YOU HAVE THAT CAPABILITY!

...too much hassle... great service, great idea, no back-end support....

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