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Unable to print receipts without the delivery map taking up the entire page. I dont need the delivery map, who needs a damn delivery map on a receipt.

Then to ask for help I had to comb through your FAQ page, with no where to type a email or find a number to call, not very customer service friendly. Get it together its 2018. We placed a significant amount of orders in the month of august and are trying to reconcile our corporate card, making it very difficult to do when we have to print ten copies of the same receipt to get the entire thing on one page.

Needless to say waste of time and energy. Will not be recommending this app to anyone until you get it taken care of.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Mobile Application.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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Exactly!! Doordash needs to figure out a way for business persons to print a receipt without a huge map.


If you highlight the left side of the screen (restaurant name, order, total) then right click and click 'print' it'll paste in on a clean page of just your 'receipt'. That way you can print or save to pdf.

to Anonymous #1660122

Except that it does not have any indication of how you paid, like the last 4 digits of your credit card - which on the email, but the email does not have full price of what you paid for.


As of 2/27/2019 this is still an issue. Makes it near impossible to use this for business where I need a clean invoice I can send out.

Even the email receipt is a mess with all sorts of nonsense added to the top. Just give us a clean receipt!

to Justin #1651874

If you highlight the left side of the screen (restaurant name, order, total) then right click and click 'print' it'll paste in on a clean page of just your 'receipt'. That way you can print or save to pdf.


Feb 2019 - still not clean, full printable receipt to be found!


Amazing! Same with Postmates.

Hey Dummies, can we get a PRINTABLE receipt. Not that hard to figure out.

I can't believe we have to tell them this. It's the difference between us using you or not.


outrageous- I am wasting time trying to create a PDF receipt and I still haven't figured it out- does doordash not realize many people are ordering food on work-related business and need a quick PDF receipt (without a map of their city)? I will never use this app again


I need receipt for reimbursement and can't print it because the print view puts a scrollbar at the item list and the total is not visible, however the meaningless map takes 90% of the page... this is something needs fixing asap, otherwise it will be pointless to order through doordash for any company events


cant print receipt for reimbursement. Skip is way better for this


Just had the exact same issue - it's now 2019. I guess Door Dash doesn't understand how corporate America travel reimbursement works.

Check out your Uber and Lyft receipts online - exactly what I need to file my expenses.

DoorDash - not so much. :-(


You can just take a screen shot on the mobile app, everyone chill out.

to PCP #1649701



Glad I came here - great idea to switch to Uber Eats!


Exactly im in the exact same boat. Uber Eats make it really easy but i thought i would try out doordash. Never again, i will just stick with Uber Eats.

to Jon McClintock #1648672

Thanks for the heads up!


Yup, same problem here. Only solution I found is to get out some sort of "snipping" tool and actually clip that part of their "receipt" out.

Then it saves as a PNG which then you have can transform into a PDF (using Adobe).

So yea, two technologies later I'm able to get a receipt which should just be auto-generated like the rest of the world. Please fix.


As soon as Uber Eats supports opening a shared order I'm dropping DoorDash like a hot rock - for this very reason.


same complaint


I can’t believe this company still exists with such fatal flaw. Made the mistake of ordering from them three times until I realize how long it takes to get a damn receipt together (had to print screen the order page). Do NOT use them for any reimbursable meals for your own sanity.

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