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Ordered food for 3 people.Driver picked up the order then went to another house about 5 min away from my delivery location.

Cool. It’s dinner time so I’m perfectly fine with that. My order would have been only 5 later than the time expected. Perfectly fine with that.

Then the driver went 15 min the OPPOSITE WAY to a different town to pick up another order. Btw, this is when I got my text saying the driver picked up my order and is on her way to my location. Trust me, there is no Cheecake Factory anywhere near that area. By the time my food was delivered, food was cold and was 20 min pass the expected time.

My food was sitting in a car for about 45 min. On top of that, one of the pasta ordered was noticeably less on amount than another pasta order. Obviously that could be the restaurant’s fault but I guess I’ll never know.

Either way this was the second time my order was sitting in a car for longer than 30 min because drivers take orders in between deliveries.It’s time for me to start picking up food myself.


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If u get bad food, it's on the restaurant.If u have a bad delivery experience, it's solely on Door dash.

The issue is the turnaround time from complaint to resolution and Correct communication with the customer. Don't have the update system if it's incorrect. Then, it looks bad on the driver.

Plus, $5.99 charge makes the user feel like they r paying a tip already.I always tip 20% above the $5.99, but why make the driver pay for the perception of customers on an outlandish delivery fee.


Customers are very ungrateful, these are all underpaid independent contractors.They are given the option to decline to bring you your food at anytime.

So if you get it, be grateful.or expect to be blacklisted in the future!!!


good idea, go get it yourself!

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