Newark, Delaware
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I’m not very happy right now with DoorDash. I only ordered through them once which once months ago.

This past weekend I went into my account to check my balance and notice a small amount of 1.86 come out out of my account from doordash making a purchase from Taco Bell. I never ordered from Taco Bell nor have I even ordered anything through doordash in months. I was talking with a girlfriend and was telling her about this unauthorized transaction to find out the same thing happened to her on the same day for 1.20 and never gave authorization. Both transactions happened on 4/27/2019.

I contacted Doordash to find out why this happened and got nowhere. A supervisor was supposed to call me back and never did. Im not sure where to go with this.

It’s not about the amount that was taken it’s about them going into our accounts and taking it. I am curious if this has happened to anyone else?

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I ordered from them once 10/18. I was looking at my bank account today and saw they took out money 5 separate times yesterday, once on 10/24, and once 10/23.

$191 worth of charges that I never made and you can tell by looking at my account I haven't ordered since the 18th.

They have my $ out of my bank can tell I didn't do it yet want 48 to investigate it before refunding my $. I'm beyond pissed.


Yes, I and I still haven't got refund yet. I looking into legal y.