So, I review my bank statements twice a month in the beginning and in the end of each month. As I began to go over my bank statements for the ending of September into the beginning of October when I stumbled across 4 charges from door dash.

So I crossed referenced with my husbands statement and realized he was charged the same amount. We talked it over and we both agreed we did not order doordash those days and there was a purchase from a Taco Bell in San Francisco, we live in Hawaii. I proceeded to speak with my bank and they informed me that I need to call door dash to figure out the purchases. I did some research and found this website with the customer service phone numbers.

I called each number, I was transferred to a customer service representative and was put on hold and then got disconnected. At first I thought it was my connection but 3 times in a row this happened. Yeah not a coincidence. Now I lost $150 with no explanation, nothing.

I cant even get a refund. Im pissed off.

So I cancelled my dash pass and deleted the app. I can honestly say i am very disappointed in the way the situation was handled.

User's recommendation: Keep track of your bank statements and don’t keep your card on file.

Location: Kapolei, Hawaii

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