Winter Park, Florida

You place an order to "lets say A restaurant" A restaurant receives this order. depending if this restaurant has a dedicated pick up/delivery person many times the orders do not get put in until a driver arrives at the store.

lets say it takes 15 minutes to drive there. ok so the restaurant has had 15 minutes to get this started right...... most the time no. its usually someone who is working for tips that does not feel it should be there job doing to go orders.

so when we arrive they ignore us treat us rude then put "your"order in. now the waiting game. if its busy your looking at 15-45 minute wait. last night i went to cheesecake factory and waited inside 45 minutes before finally getting a manager.

Finally food is ready and zing the driver is off. let say you live 10 minutes away. driver gets lost adds 5 minutes. now your looking at 15 + 15-45+ 15 minutes.

thats 1 hour . if the restaurants made your food when it was sent. -10-40 minutes from this entire process. but The driver get the blame.

instead of praise for waiting 45 mins for a 7 dollar deliver. spends over an hour in total on that 1 delivery. makes less than minimum wage and then customers put negative remarks. GUY LISTEN IT IS NOT THE DRIVER.

SOMETIMES MAY BE YOU HAVE A BAD APPLE. But its mainly the process. we cant cancel your orders without being punished and losing money. we can not force them too cook faster or actually care about the delivery part of their business.

This is new to many companies and not all have adapted well. Chjipotle is a great example of DOING IT RIGHT. they have a separate section they usually make the to go food at if its busy inside. they almost always have it ready or ready within minutes of walking in.

But again this is a learning process for companies and they have not instilled training yet to handle the amount of deliveries companies like this are adding. Please be patient and remember theres many steps in this process so each one could add time.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

DOORDASH Pros: Many deliveries went well.

DOORDASH Cons: Very hard for drivers and we get penalized for bad restaurants.

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