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I've ordered from Doordash maybe 15 times in the less than a year I've been using the service. In that time, 5 of my orders have been canceled due to "unexpected restaurant closure".

5 ORDERS. Orders that I made during open business hours. The tracking will say my driver is on my way to get my food, and then it's suddenly two hours later and I'm wondering where my food is. Sometimes I get a notification, sometimes I hear nothing until I go through my orders and see it's been marked as canceled.

Most recently they claimed to give me a credit... of course I log on to the website and there's no credit available.

Not to mention the ridiculously high prices, poor screening of drivers, and OMG is it really that hard to include silverware? I have NEVER received silverware with any one of my orders!

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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