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As a driver who prides himself on providing outstanding quality customer service you would think a supposed business partner would have more respect for their drivers. I guess they thonk we are a dime a dozen.

I get that if you decline an order your acceptance rate will go down but picking up groceries at Walmart that include several cases of water, 25lb bags of pet food, etc and then carrying them up (3) flights of stairs all for $6 should not be counted against you. The claim to have "Hot Spots". When you're sitting at a "Hot Spot" waiting for orders and they send you Walmart orders more than 15 miles away, that shouldn't be counted against you. When you make a $6 deliver and learn the customer gave a wrong address, you can trash the food and keep the $6 or deliver it to the new address which I did.

The address was an additional 6 miles. Doordash promised to consider it a new order and pay me an additional $6 which was fair. Except after the delivery they only paid me $4 and said I should have only received $3, as if they where doing me a favor. After taxes, gas, and expenses you would be lucky to earn $2/hr.

There needs to be laws against this kind of abuse. They charge the consumer enough.

Oh and if you have a problem on the road don't worry you'll be #96 in the texting que from customer service that's most likely in India. Abused Dasher

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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Just described my entire experience working for Door Dash. 12 miles pick up and delivery, and at least half that just to drive back to the area I signed in for, for $6?

Servers at restaurants get that much, just bringing food to table from kitchens 10 feet away.

Meanwhile, we have to pay gas, insurance, suffer wear and tear on our vehicles. AND, then pay income tax !


I think "Door Dash" is the laziest thing I've ever heard of from a consumer standpoint. I can't blame the company (even though I would never hire them) because they provide something that some people seem to want. L-A-Z-Y.