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We ordered our food on doordash from Steak' n' Shake at 8:30pm. Expected delivery time was 9:18.

We were okay with that. We were even okay with the $42 total on two sandwiches two fries, and two milkshakes. The company has to make money somehow. Our issue was the customer service.

At 9:45, we called steak 'n' shake to find out whether our food had been picked up. There was no driver listed on our order. The store said it had in fact been picked up. We continued to wait until about 10:15.

Our food still hadn't arrived. We tried to reach out to doordash customer support, but there were no representatives available. Finally, at 10:25 our ordered was cancelled. Doordash stated that they were unable to fulfill the order.

The order was picked up!

Very unorganized and unreliable. Two hours after the order was placed, we finally found out that it couldn't be deliverered.

User's recommendation: Steer clear.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Preferred solution: I don't need a solution. I just want people to see how unreliable this company is.

DOORDASH Pros: Late night availability.

DOORDASH Cons: Horrible company, Luxury tax is high for delivery services, Lack of empathy, Unreliable, Expensive.

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