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This company and postmates are HORRIBLE examples of food delivery. They take advantage of the customers, employees and the drivers but clearly make it seem like they value all three and this is just my impressions after only two weeks of working there!

Customers are routinely given no-updated menus which then upsets them and leads to canceling orders which kills drivers pay or they are given unrealistic delivery time based on the available drivers starting location and then take it out on the driver with low reviews like he had something to do with it. The restaurants hate these services since they do not update their menus but put them on the list who then takes it out on the drivers who are once again caught it the middle. Support is hard to impossible to reach and cancellations are many times not known until the driver arrives which means no pay for that trip unless you raise heck then MAYBE $3. Which leads me to the drivers...

they are the ONLY ONES who have to be nice to EVERYONE with NEVER an off minute. Otherwise get reported or a low rating then get suspended. Speaking of reviews, how are they ethical or legal in this type of business??? I had a woman give me attitude for no reason than my ethnicity.

Found out from neighbors she hates minorities so even though she got her food within 7 minutes she made it a point to be rude, say racist things and STILL gave me a low review while I never opened my mouth. Reviews ONLY for drivers are unfair and to me illegal since individuals do not rate the company but the actual PERSON who delivers who may or may not had anything to do with the error or could like me simply be the target of someone who judges the person and not performance. That to me leads to a serious case of unfair working standards where everyone else is immune but drivers can be fired without real cause or singled out due to someone having a bad day. We don't rate pizza guys, or other delivery guys but these do??

Then factor in drivers make LESS than minimum wage even with tips! So why isn't someone pushing these two points as a class action lawsuit?

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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