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Recently we have had multiple issues with DD and the Dashers. Started with an order placed with a 40 minute delivery time (which was fine). However, at 39 minutes a Dasher finally accepted the order which of course pushed the delivery time another 25 minutes. Watched the Dasher arrive at the store, and the UNASSIGNED himself from the order. By this time, we’ve waited well over an hour, and then another Dasher took the order. 20 minutes later it arrived. Contacted CS and they issued a credit of like 20% of the order total.

Had another issue where a Dasher didn’t accept the order until about 5 minutes til it was supposed to be here. Ended up getting it 30 minutes after it was supposed to be here. Again, another 20% credit.

The last time, it was a 45 minute delivery time. 45 minutes pass, no driver. 10 minutes later we finally have a driver, that is currently 35 minutes away from the store. Thing is, according to DD app, the store closes in 30 minutes. At this point, we are fed up and we text the driver to let her know don’t go get the food we’re done, and the store may be closed when she gets there. She told me that the only way she gets paid is if she drives to the store, closed or not. And if they are, then she has to alert DD. It was her last night driver for DD also (she was an unhappy driver because they put her in towns she didn’t sign up for.

I told her that if they are open the food has probably been sitting there for a while since it should have been picked up a long time ago. She said she would check and let me know.

She got to the store, they were still open ((DD app was wrong)), and they told her the food was fresh and good to go.

She let me know and we said sure. She left the store and was here within 10 minutes.

Burger - cold, cheese had congealed to the burger, fries were cold and limp.

Quesadilla - cold and the cheese and chicken had formed on solid piece and the tortilla was hard and brittle.

Ice cream was half melted and we were missing one of the two cookies.

We ended up throwing 90% of the food away (I ate some fries because I was hangry).

I emailed them and left a review, and they emailed me back saying that they need to talk to me to discuss it and to give them a good time to call.

I informed them that I work nights and sleep in the daytime and asked them what their hours of operation were so I could figure out a good time to talk.

No response. A week later, I send a second response. Still nothing. I go onto the app to get some information, and it has me at the log in screen. I tired to log in, and they have DISABLED MY ACCOUNT. I am pissed!!! I sent another email and informed them that if I don’t receive a response back AND full refund, I will be reaching out to their legal department. Completely unprofessional. This is no way to treat a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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