Chicago, Illinois
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I work in a high rise apartment building on the Gold Coast in Chicago as a Doorman. This young lady came in the building to deliver to a resident and the whole time she was on a personal phone call on her phone.

I had to repeat to her that she was in the clear to go up and then she caught an attitude. I'm quite sure she was on her phone while completing her transaction with the resident because she was still on the phone when she came downstairs.

I wish that I could call door dash personally to give them information about this delivery person. Her name is Tanica from Chicago

DOORDASH Cons: Delivery person.

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Thank you for this information. I will look her up when I get to work tomorrow and file a driver incident report.


650-681-9470 is the company number


That or 1-855-973-1040. That's the number I give customers.


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