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I need to speak with someone in authority at DoorDash about an usual and very concerning experience I had tonight with a young couple of DoorDash deliverers. Until tonight, I have only excellent experiences with DoorDash deliverers.

The young couple who delivered to me tonight came quite late for when the delivery was scheduled, looked upset and scared (possibly guilty) and told me that the bag from the restaurant with my $180+ worth of food from my favorite excellent restaurant had broken. I gave them another double bag to put my food in and they did and left quickly.

I called the restaurant, a longtime favorite of many years and spoke with the manager about what had happened with the DoorDash pick up of my order. The manager said that the DoorDash couple picked up the food more than an hour late and that it sat, bagged, at the register at the door of the restaurant. They were also a further hour late to my house. The food arrived cold and a mess. It was properly packaged by the restaurant, but all of both soups was spilled, and the multiple other dishes I had ordered were all spilled into each

other. Further, there was an unidentifiable sweet soup-like item that was nothing like the dessert I had ordered two of.

I do not think this was the restaurant's fault. I have been dining there weekly for years. It is located directly across the street from my office. The food there is excellent and always beautifully presented and, when I take food out, it is always properly and

tightly packed.

I have the impression that the young couple did not pick the food up on time, did not drive to bring it to me on time (whatever they were doing before that), then drove too fast to get it to me, maybe slammed on brakes or something else that caused the food to spill all over their car and to more or less ruin the food (as well as their car, no doubt).

All of the food, in any case, was cold when it arrived at my house.

I talked about all of this with the manager or the restaurant, whom I know well. I have eaten there regularly for years. He said the food sat at checkout for more than an hour after it was ready before the Door Dash driver picked it up. The DoorDash couple brought it to my house more than an hour after they picked it up and the food was cold. I have refrigerated the food but I am hesitant to eat it despite how much I paid for it and its delivery and tip, given that the food was obviously spilled in the Door Dish deliverers' car and might have been on the floor of the car and then scooped up by hand by the deliverers back into their original containers, in which case, the food is contaminated.

So, what do you suggest I do about this? I have talked with the restaurant manager who, of course, suggested that I contact you. I agree that the responsibility for this problem is DoorDash's because

I believe that the young couple did something wrong in picking up the food very late, bringing it to me very late, and in damaged condition, which they blamed on the bag in which it was packed by the restaurant having broken in their car.

I do not think the problem was in any way the restaurant's fault.

The restaurant behaved correctly. The food sent me is consistent with what their food has always been for years, the manager of the

restaurant is someone I know and trust. The packaging was proper

and tight enough to protect the food I had ordered.

On the other hand, the young DoorDash drivers in this case only (I have never had such an experience with DoorDash drivers perviously) WERE quite late in picking up the food and then in bringing it to my house, they behaved very nervously and did not make eye contact and seemed fearful of my reaction to their late

delivery, making me think they felt guilty about something they had done that had caused this problem.

I would like to talk to someone in authority in DoorDash in our region about this as soon as possible by telephone (not by email please) before I will be willing to use DoorDash again despite having been very happy with previous experiences with deliveries by Door Dash.

I am asking that someone in authority at Door Dash will contact me one morning ASAP any day at 214-750-7692, except Wednesday morning, June 29, when I will not be available to answer. I work at home most mornings but at my office in the afternoons when I see patients and when calls go on my voicemail since I cannot answer directly when I am in with a patient in the afternoon.

I would like to speak to someone in authority at DoorDash in Dallas or in our region about this unusual, very expensive and troubling although isolated experience with this DoorDash delivery. Please call me any morning (phone, not email please) except Wednesday morning, June 29.

I am hoping for your help with this situation and would like to discuss it with someone at the top of DoorDash here. I would think that you too would want to know about this and would want to deal with this with these particular delivery people so that this does not happen again with other customer. This one was a disaster for reasons that i do not know but can only imagine.

Thank you for your consideration. Please call me.

Judith Samson, Ph.D.

5741 Glen Falls Lane

Dallas, Texas 75209



Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I can't speak as an employee because us drivers are 1099'd, however, we're just as frustrated with the late deliveries as you are.

If we don't accept orders we get dinged from the system. Their algorithm is really messed up so sometimes you're on an order and they send you across town for a different order, then drop off nowhere near you.

We're trying our best --- I hope that DoorDash fixes the algorithm problem.


Hi Dr,

I am so saddened by what you experienced from DD! I come into work at 12pm Pacific time, but I am going to look up your order history and find this order.

I will be able to see who the dasher was on the order and if a resolution hasn't come to you yet then I will take care if it. I will be filing a report about the dashers and sending that to their local ops team. I will then send this feedback to my leadership team in the Dallas are and request they contact you immediately.

Again I am so sorry that you had to experience this big mess. We definitely dropped the ball here.


"So, what do you suggest I do about this?" Next time pick it up yourself.


She is a doctor, she doesn't have time for that. That's why our company is available to people..... CONVENIENCE