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I have had both Good & Bad service experience from Doordash. Doordash is priced higher than any other restaurant delivery service (Bitesquad , Grubhub, etc.) that I've used.

About half of my orders through them come later than promised. But the service I received on 08/17/17 from Doordash was by far the worst and was uniquely bad. It was not the restaurant's fault, nor Doordash app fault, and certainly not a Traffic fault. The fault was the conduct of the dasher.

The charge of the order entry total $33.95. After taxes, delivery charge, service fees & tip (min of 20%) the total cost came to $56.06 My entire order was eventually completed refunded. I placed my order at 03:19pm with Doordash from my regular restaurant. The food at this restaurant is Great, moreover it is less than 3 miles away, about a 7 minute drive.

Doordash promised that the delivery would arrive by 04:19pm. Everything seems to be going as planned. First, I received a notification at 4:09 (via text) that the order was completed and that the driver had picked it up. Since the restaurant was only 3 miles away I expected that the 4:19 ETA would be meet.

When the order had not arrived as expected, I called the dasher at 4:30pm thinking that he might need directions. I got the most convoluted response from him as to why he was running late. He said that there was glitch with Doordash software that caused the restaurant to run late in preparing my order and that he was currently on his way from the restaurant to my home once he completed (in 5 minutes) another order that he was already working on. I have never known that Doordash allows its driver to handle multiple orders at the same time.

I was completed confused by the driver explanation. Even if he was handling multiple orders, why would my order that was only 7 minutes away come last? I waited patiently until 4:45pm before I decided to contact Doordash via online chat to ask about the status of my order. I was most interested in knowing whether it was Doordash policy to allow their dasher to do multiple orders but got no straight answer from Doordash.

My complaint was not about my delivery running late. It was about whether a dasher could deliberately choose to handle multiple orders at the same time and why mine should be last in such a case. Doordash apologized and offered a $10.00 credit as compensation, which I refused. I insisted that my order be cancelled as I was not going to eat cold food that their driver purposefully chose to not deliver right away.

While I was still online with Doordash around 5pm, the drive called me back and told me he was now about 1 minute away from my apartment. I told him that he had lied to me the first time as to when my order would be arriving and that I would not be accepting cold food. It is not my fault that he deliberately chose to hold onto an order he picked up at 4:09 pm. He then tried to put the blame on me saying that I might not have understood his earlier explanation about when my food would be arriving due to his accent!!!!.

About 2 minutes later he arrived with my food. I told him I would not be accepting it because it was cold - I have no idea where my food has travelled.

I was disgusted that this driver. ps I did examine the pizze to see if it has any warmth, none whatsoever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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