Rockford, Illinois
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I placed an order on 3/13/19. The Dasher was at the Restaurant and because there was a slight problem at the Restaurant he cancelled my order and left, after saying that the Restaurant was closed. I called the Restaurant to find out what happened.

They said that the paper that my order was on got jammed. They were able to get it un-jammed and told the Dasher that they were starting my order.

He said he was cancelling the order. When the Manager asked him to pass it on to a different Dasher he just said no and left.

I called Door Dash to report this.

They first told me that he left because the Restaurant was closed. I told them that was not true because I just talked to the Manager.

Then I told them what happened with the Dasher.

The girl I talked to said, and I quote, "So the place is supposedly open, then I guess you will have to go pick up your order". Never even offered to send a different person.

Then I said, ok, so that means that I will be paying $80.00 for a pizza? She said, "No, you will be credited back, it could take up to 5 Business days".


I even emailed them and asked them to have a Manager call me. Nothing yet!

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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