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On sunday dec.27.2020 i ordered from chipotle restaurant and on the icon on my phone it said the driver was here at my house so i texted and asked the driver via text are you here they replied yes i said ok i be right out. After a few mins.

I asked are you lost maybe im thinking i can help out. Last text was at 653pm no answer at 7.03 pm i text a ? So at 7.04 pm i get a text back no im here i said ok thinking great they the driver found the place i texted thank you wife says i got it even gave the driver a cash tip on top of the pre tip . 2mins later i get a texted from driver say your welcomed in spanish but you should be more sencible your not the person that orders food and if you wanted your food delivered faster you should go it your self or call door dash and tell them to make your a priority enjoy your food.

I text back explaining that i was not rushing her and was simply trying to see if she was lost and i could help im a dasher my self i know it can be difficult at night to see a house number. And said this what you get paid for a service . She replied back with yes they pay to do a service but door dash gave other orders than your dont complain to me complain to doordash learn to be nice im not your employee and you not superrior to me . I replied your service was bad service and i will contact door dash and let them know .

She replied ok and 2mins later good luck .

This is so unacceptable especially after being so late with my order and on top of that she left the second part of my order behind i had no chips for my cheese and my food was cold my cell num is 610 653 **** i saved all my text messages and as a dasher hate that this person is even representing a company i work for . I be waiting on a response and will definitely take this further if nothing is done .

Monetary Loss: $27.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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