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I'm a Dasher and I'm very upset that I was sent to a location where it was pretty much dangerous the business was a *** dispensary place I cannot tell you how I felt... walking in that place was VERY HORRIBLE I had to be patted down and treated like I was a criminal on my way to jail or prison this is absurd and the number one thing that I hate about doordash it's when you don't want to accept an order because you know that that that restaurant business area is dangerous and I choose not to put myself in danger for some money

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So sorry you had to go thru this Sassy Butterfly (nice moniker). *** like this happens all the time with door dash.

I know too, if you chose not to go there you would get a negative feedback or review by the doordash team support. Sad. All probably for a measly $6 or $7 bucks! Good luck.

I am starting to drive for a new company in the northern california area. if you are in this area check them out, they are hiring.

hit me up and I will send you their info, or better yet here it is...


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