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I started dashing last year.

Since June 2, 2018 these same (2) guys have been ordering a variety of expensive liquor items under various names to be delivered to different locations. One of their orders I could not complete due to mechanical issues.

I was told by DoorDash to return the half gallon back to the store. Done. They placed another order on June 4th, & when I arrived at the drop off point, they accused me of stealing their products and proceeded to take what they felt they deserved, aka, a robbery. I called the police, they never showed up.

I have called DoorDash several times about this. Today I proceeded to pick up an order, and the 2 men met me as I was exiting the store!! Notified police again, but they still were a no show. I informed the DoorDash beforehand that the app would freeze and not let me proceed with the authorization.

DoorDash tells me that I should not have given them the liquor without proper ID. So that means I should take a bullet or get stabbed for DoorDash?? I think not. On top of not being compensated for the attempt to deliver, app issues, and my life being threatened, I will not be delivering for DoorDash any longer.

DoorDash is a trash company who is only concerned about meeting their financial goals.

I brought something to their attention and it was dismissed. Middle finger to DoorDash.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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