On a Saturday weekend I accepted 4 dashes at once from Walmart on one weekend. The orders were sent to me late therefore all of them were delivered late.

The same happened with one other Saturday weekend with one delivery. Plus your app does not take into consideration that at times the navigation sends a dasher to the wrong address or the address is wrong to start so in trying to figure out where to deliver the items to the customer i am late. Also there is no allowance of time for delivering to gated communities. I am not notified most of the times that the delivery entrance and the main gate entrance are not the same, therefore i have to travel further to get to the main gate, then to get in there is usually a line, then i have to deal with the guard who wont let me in until the customer answers their calls and confirms the order.

All this can take a lot of time and it usually makes my delivery late.

Your system does not allow for all of these things therefore my delivery percentage time goes down and i then am no longer a top dasher. This whole thing sucks. I have mentioned this problem to your co workers and all i get are excuses that the system will correct itself, which it never does and my delivery percentages go down even more. My delivery percentages should be in the high 90s.

Please look into this and correct the system and please no more excuses i am tired of them. Larry Quilon Dasher.

Location: Palm Desert, California

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