First they were stealing/skimming tips of drivers, now they just pay drivers less when tipped more.. Extremely slow and always late, usually 30min to an hour late because drivers run multiple orders at the same time all around town.

Foods usually cold too because drivers show up to the restaurant extremely late then proceed to pick up 3 more orders on the way. Seen tons of drivers post on Reddit saying they mess with peoples food or purposefully make it late if they arent tipped beforehand or not tipped enough. Most drivers wont even take orders if its not 5$ Pre tipped. DD customer service is terrible too, when food is late they just change the estimated time then say but its on time or oh well.

Even when orders are messed up they only offer a small percentage of what you payed in credits. They also raise prices of all items and add a secondary tax, plus additional service fees, on top of already outrageous delivery fees. Usually end up paying 5-10$ more even if you pick it up, and like 10-20$ more if you get it delivered after tipping. Not even worth it.

The app is plagued with bugs and glitches too despite me and others letting them know features are broken. Beens years since reporting issues dozens of times and they still arent fixed. Was told by support that the only way to fix the issue was to delete my account and make a new one because they think they refuse to accept that the problem is on their end. Couldnt even delete my account though because their 2-step verification doesnt work either, so I contacted them to delete it for me but all they did was deactivate it...Meaning I now had to create all new email accounts just to resign up.

On top of all that the same issues still exists, and now to make thing worse all my favorite restaurants say too far away despite being only 3-6 miles away.. while other restaurants 10-12 miles still deliver somehow.

User's recommendation: Use a different service or pickup yourself.

Location: Loveland, Colorado

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